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How does ANMAT communicate with the community?


ANMAT addresses the community by means of various ways:

ANMAT Responde Program

It is a hotline query service that can be accessed through the toll free number 0800-333-1234 or by sending an e-mail to responde@anmat.gov.ar. This service is operative from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 8 p.m. and also on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is engaged in providing information about the companies and products under ANMAT regulation scope: drugs, foodstuff, dietary supplements, medicinal products, cosmetics, household cleaning products, diagnostic reagents as well as about ANMAT services, proceedings, legislation and news.

Web Site:

ANMAT web site (www.anmat.gov.ar) is a public document displaying information about the agency in a clear, orderly, streamlined and accessible way. It gathers a large amount of daily updated information, which makes it the fastest channel to access the latest institutional news. It enables the public to conduct procedures or online consultations to its over 25 databases and its legislation file which is updated on a daily basis.

Press and Information Dissemination:

It offers permanent advising on ANMAT main news. It has a link to the web site and several information disseminating instruments. One of its most significant instruments is the press release which is issued to convey information to community in an urgent manner.


ANMAT issues publications on a regular basis, which convey the information originated in its core. Such publications are the following: Newsletter for Professionals: a periodical publication furnishing health professionals with information on the agency activities and some field original articles. Newsletter for Consumers: a publication that deals with aspects related to the products under ANMAT regulation scope and provides suggestions and advice for health preservation.

Claim and Suggestion System:

ANMAT implemented a Claim and Suggestion System aimed to all citizens nationwide. It is oriented to the enhancement of management skills focused on citizenry needs and demands. The system requires the submittal of a form available for end users, which should be obtained and submitted at the reception desk of ANMAT headquarters and its branches. The above mentioned form can be also filled out at: www.anmat.gov.ar. Likewise, the system can be accessed through the submittal of a note or a letter addressed to the system provided the user´s personal data, address and telephone number are detailed in it.

Institutional Relations:

ANMAT has an active involvement in cultural and scientific activities in the health field with a view to cooperating in human health safeguarding and making the field breakthroughs as widespread as possible.
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