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Observatory structure
ANMAT Observatory is organized in two levels: Primary level and Secondary level, according to the information-generating sources. Primary level: it builds, analyzes and interprets data and information obtained from primary sources, that is to say, directly from the players called on, taking into consideration their vision, interpretation and perspectives on each subject matter.
- Participatory Diagnosis Fora: they gather and integrate representative players from health institutions, government agencies and private institutions or members of the community with ANMAT directors and officials to discuss about various aspects or problems within its regulatory scope and, jointly, assess a course of action intended to improve or change the various situations put forward. - Meetings with Professional Associations or groups of professionals from a same field: they allow for understanding and identifying the needs and demands of each professional field and developing exchange and cooperation actions. - Academic Scientific Advisory Committee: it is made up of members of the Argentine National Academies of Medicine, Pharmacy and Biochemestry, Dentistry, the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and ANMAT technical representatives.
It works coordinatedly and interdisciplinarily on the discussion of special, complex and innovative situations within the competence of this agency with the purpose of giving well-grounded opinions about scientific and technical criteria. The Academic Scientific Advisory Committee was created under the provisions of ANMAT Regulation 8025/10.
Secondary level: it receives, organizes, analyzes and interprets the data gathered by the Vigilance Systems (Pharmacovigilance, Sanitary Vigilance, Technovigilance, Cosmetovigilance) and the National Program for the Market Control of Medicines and Medical Devices. Its main objective is to create indicators that allow for establishing situation diagnosis, evaluating the impact of changes and strengthening institutional decision-making processes. Moreover, it works for sanitary vigilance strengthening, which is one of the agency´s main responsibilities. The General Indicator Matrix is the tool intended for systematizing, putting into order and generating the indicators on the basis of the information received by the Vigilance Systems and the National Program for Market Control of Medicines and Medical Devices. The analysis of indicators allows for interpreting and understanding the sanitary reality of our country, taking into consideration the products and processes within ANMAT regulatory scope, as well as inferring change processes and evaluating the possible impact of such changes.
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